Urban Oxidation Collection Set

Urban Oxidation is a special collection set I put together for the RAW showcase. This collection set represents my current style and aesthetic as of the time of this writing. The mixture of photography, raw materials, and industrial features create a cohesive mashup of visual and tactile sensory stimulation.

This collection set was premiered at the RAW Radiate showcase held on August 30, 2012 in San Diego, CA. As with all the photographs displayed on this site, each can be purchased separately, or as a collection. The photo mounts and magnet boards are all handmade and one-off’s, I can reproduce the styles for purchase but each piece will be unique in it’s own way. See the Magnet Boards section for more information.

Photographs featured in the Urban Oxidation Collection Set:

Purchase entire collection at reduced cost, all prints in same size:

Print Size (inches) + Price (USD) Shipping (USD) *
4″x6″ $80 $3
12″x18″ $427 $21
20″x30″ $743 $27

+ All prints are matte finish on photo paper
* Shipping costs are reduced with multiple items automatically in shopping cart

Collection Items

  1. ITEM# DSC8362 – NYC Lofts
  2. ITEM# DSC8363 – NYC Snow
  3. ITEM# DSC0159_Version1 – Red & Green
  4. ITEM# DSC0259 – Chain & Ring
  5. ITEM# DSC0280_Version1 – Wood & Chain
  6. ITEM# DSC0282_Version1 – Slide Lock
  7. ITEM# DSC0287 – Rivet Rust
  8. ITEM# DSC0294 – Vertical Rivets
  9. ITEM# DSC0296_Version1 – Rusty TV Man
  10. ITEM# DSC0467 – Subway Approach 1 of 3
  11. ITEM# DSC0481 – Subway Approach 2 of 3
  12. ITEM# DSC0489 – Subway Approach 3 of 3
  13. ITEM# DSC4159 – Brick & Wire
  14. ITEM# DSC5998 – Rusted Lock
  15. ITEM# DSC4292_Version1 – Window Grate
  16. ITEM# DSC4295_Version1 – Peeling Door
  17. ITEM# DSC4431 – Works, INC

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